7 Items You Must Get Rid of From Your Wardrobe


Let’s be frank – if your wardrobe was a TV show, would you name it Project Runway or Hoarders? If your closet has been overflowing for quite some time now, then it’s time to call the shots and make it spick and span!

When it comes to de-cluttering your wardrobe, it’s always better to leaf through it every 2 months or so. Apart from swapping in and out of seasonal clothing, such as sweaters and coats, you must search for 9 key items that can be shifted to your donation stack.

Think about your domineering drawer of socks or the mountain of old shirts you’ve dumped in your wardrobe for all those years!

7 Items You Must Get Rid of From Your Wardrobe

Of course, parting ways with these items is always easier said than done, but by doing so you’ll have a well-organized closet filled with the latest outfits. Additionally, with this habit not can you polish your overall appearance, but also create enough space… Well, who is going to whine about that?

If you feel it’s high time that you call in a support team with hefty bags and shovels, perhaps you need little assistance to get rid of a few items from your wardrobe. Keep reading to find out!

Socks That Don’t Match

None of us feel proud to own socks that do not match, do we? But, here the question is “Where did the other one go?” Well, we won’t ever have an answer for it, though what we can do is take out time to clean off the drawer and bequeath the pair.

Grimy White T-shirts

There’s no doubt – all of us (yes, even celebs!) have been through this. You purchase a plain, white tee that you absolutely love and wear it non-stop until it earns those not-so-attractive yellowish marks. But, now that your tee has become all dingy, why not restock them with maybe a casual slub cotton t-shirt or 60s’ tee?

Heels That Ruin Your Walk

Perhaps, you chose a smaller size since it was on sale or maybe the heels you ordered online were deceivingly shorter. No matter what is the reason, if you aren’t comfortable walking in them, it’s high time that you part ways with them. Look for a new home for your shoes and shop the trend that makes your legs feel at ease!

Jeans That Don’t Go Beyond Your Thighs

You must always consolidate the collection of jeans you have in every month and bequeath the ones that do not go beyond your thighs. The wear and tear of jeans after every wash is a must, so it’s absolutely fine for them to no longer sweet-talk your body in a way they used to.  When you fall in such a situation, it’s better to freshen the denim collection up. Perhaps, you could go for an ankle fray jeans or boyfriend denim.

Tainted Blouses

Like white tees, even your favorite blouses would gain those yellow tinges over a period of time. Be it an ill-timed coffee spill or an underarm circumstance from your perfume, if stains are clearly visible on your blouses, it means only one thing – it is time to fling! The blouses that are currently in trend include printed shirts, stripe blouse, red bodysuit, etc.


Can you even picture how awful they look? Oh, wait! Why do you even have to imagine them when they’re already a part of your wardrobe? Crocs are squeaky, rubbery and never go hand in hand with any of your outfit – not even pajamas! So, instead of stocking them, toss it off and create fresh memories with items that are less dreadful!

Out Of Fashion Clothing

1982 calls and says, “Hey can I have my parachute jeans back?” Stop being clingy about out-of-fashion’ clothes and pile them till they make a massive comeback on the runway once again – this is an unwise tactic! Maybe the waistline has evolved or the cut has somewhat changed. In a world where people are all about ‘mainstream’, why not be a hipster and sell those retro clothing for a premium?

All of us have at least one such item, which we’re too attached to, but memories are forever etched in our minds and we do not need anything physical to remember them. It is better to give these items away to someone in need and who’ll better understand its worth, so that they’re able to create their own memories!

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