Dental Care for the Medical Tourist


Dental care, you ask? Why in the world would I want to travel abroad to receive dental care? Well, when you consider the rapidly escalating costs of dental care and the fact that dental procedures are often not covered under medical insurance, medical tourism sounds like an ideal answer.

Case in point: recently, during a visit to the US, my own father suffered with a toothache. Knowing that neither medical insurance nor Medicare would cover any dental procedures, he made an appointment with his family dentist to see what could be done.

Dental Care for the Medical Tourist

The dentist determined that he needed a root canal, or, worst case scenario, an extraction, but that he would not be able to do the procedure because the infection was too close to a nerve. A dental surgeon would have to be consulted.

Over the next few days, my father talked to the dental surgeon recommended by his dentist, as well as with several others. They quoted a minimum cost of $850 for the extraction, more if a root canal procedure was chosen instead. None of the dental surgeons he consulted would even consider a payment plan to pay for the procedure, which we confirmed would not be covered by medical insurance or Medicare. They wanted payment up front. What a dilemma for a person on a fixed income!

My husband, shocked at the astronomical prices quoted, suggested that we fly my father back to Asia with us, and allow him to receive the dental care he needed at a fraction of the cost, while enjoying a relaxing visit with our family in our home. He knew that the costs would only be a fraction of those quoted if he received care in our part of the world. Medical tourism to the rescue!

No wonder more and more people are turning to medical tourism for their dental care needs! Medical tourism has answers for a lot of dental care issues.

First, the cost of procedures is significantly lower. Look at these comparisons: a tooth extraction in the US can cost anywhere from $350 upwards, but in Thailand, it may cost as little as $30!

A root canal in the US may cost as much as $3500, while in India, one of the rising stars in the medical tourism industry, the cost dwindles to a mere $200-400!

When looking at the huge difference in cost alone, medical tourism is certainly worth considering for dental care, especially if there’s significant work to be done. For the price one would pay for a single root canal in the US, a person could enjoy a luxurious holiday to an exotic destination and have the identical procedure done in a world-class facility under the care of doctors whose training is internationally recognized.

Medical destinations such as India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines are fast growing in the medical tourism industry. They offer the best possible medical facilities, superbly trained doctors and other highly trained medical staff, in a warm and welcoming cultural setting. Their knowledge of the most current procedures and their state-of-the-art technology for testing and lab work parallels the best medical facilities in the West.

If you are in need of some significant dental work, why not consider medical tourism as an answer to your dental care needs? You can be sure to end up with a huge (and healthy!) smile on your face as you enjoy lasting memories of a delightful medical holiday.

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