Gift Any of These 10 Latest Mobiles Under 15000 to Your Mom on This Mother’s Day and Simply Amaze Her


Buying Gifts for Mom on mother’s day might seem like an easy task, but it is anything but easy. Like all of us, our mother’s are also particular about what we give them on this special day. And now that mother’s day is celebrated as greatly as any other festival, you certainly cannot get away with giving her just anything. And above all, nothing is worth the smile and happiness of our mother. So here are suggestions from the few of the best mobiles under 15,000 which you can gift your mother this mother’s day, because who does not love a latest and stylish mobile phone?

Gift Any of These 10 Latest Mobiles Under 15000 to Your Mom on This Mother’s Day and Simply Amaze Her

  1. Xiaomi Note 4– This phone has been on the wish list of a lot of people and that too for a really long time. This can be explained very well from how quickly they run out of these devices during their sales. If you can manage to get her this elusive phone, you would not only make her happy but also feel great yourself for accomplishing something that has truly been a challenge for long. This phone is one of the best Gifts for Mom to be given this mother’s day.
  1. Lenovo Z2 Plus –This is another best phone under Rs 15,000 as it only recently got a price cut. From being one of the best phones under 20,000, it has now become the best phone under 15,000. Its features and specifications are as promising as the ones in Xiaomi Note 4. Along with a 5-inch long screen and a 3500 mAh battery, this also has a fingerprint sensor, thus being a great mother’s day Gifts for Mom.
  1. Moto G4 Plus– The Moto G series has for long been a hit among most of its users. This is a phone that does well in almost all departments, be it user interface, design, storage, battery life, etc. Succeeded by Moto G5, this is another great one to be given on mother’s day.
  1. Moto G5 Plus –Moving ahead of the Moto G4 plus, we now have Moto G5 plus. This phone will cost you exactly Rs 15,000 and is worth every penny you spent on it. This is not only one of the best phones in the list but is also one of the most selling. This is certainly one of those phones that your mom can boast of as her mother’s day present.
  1. Coolpad Cool 1– One of the best and the latest options you can come across include the newly launched Coolpad phones, this one has a dual camera that allows for special effects like the bokeh effect. This not only has a reasonable price but also a reliable performance. This is a phone that has a close resemblance to the much-desired iPhones, this is thus a great Gift for Mom who loves to have an iphone but can’t afford it.
  1. Cool Pad Max– This is another one from Coolpad, which in all senses is the successor of Coolpad Cool 1. This features in the list due to the recent price fall it experienced. If you wish to give your mom one of the latest launched mobiles, then this should be your undoubted choice. This has a massive 64 GB storage and 4GB RAM, which not only makes it powerful, but also one of the most preferred Gifts for Mom.
  1. Honor 6X– Another mobile that has all the features, along with an efficient ‘bokeh’ effect through software. The performance in this one might not be too great as compared to the ones occupying the top spots. However,r this too has the best of everything and can provide you with all things you would need in a mobile, or would want your mother to make use of.
  1. Le Eco Le 2– This is although a good and powerful phone in the lot, it does have a few major drawbacks, like the absence of a 3.5 mm jack and software changes that do not fare too well. This is not one of the best selling or best performing phone, so if your mother is the one who changes phones soon, and always wants to use what is new in the market, then this is a good option for mother’s day Gifts for Mom.
  1. Mi Max –This is another phone from our top ranging brand Xiaomi. This is a phone which certainly has great features, the main one being a giant screen of almost 6.5 inches. This phone however has been unavailable for a really long time and is thus not one of our top choices. If this phone is ever made available again, this can most certainly be a great mother’s day gift.
  1. Lenovo K6 Power– Do not get carried away by the ranking of this phone, this is one of those cheap phones which give the best of everything at an affordable price. It is a low cost mobile that offers you a camera quality that is akin to the top ranging mobiles. Along with all this is the 32GB extendable internal storage that is available in this device. Thus if you wish to buy something around Rs 10,000, this can be your mother’s day Gifts for Mom.

    Conclusion – Mother’s day is one of those days of the year which actually should be celebrated every day, as it is because of our mother that life for us becomes a celebration. She not only takes great care of us but also makes sure we get all that we wish for. This mother’s day give her the best you can, the above list might make it a little easier for you to look for the best Gifts for Mom this mother’s day.

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