Is Personal Stylist Training the Right Career Move for You?


Every year, thousands of new college students begin their studies to prepare them for a new career. In spite of the large percentage of them who have already decided on a career choice, an estimated 50% to 70% change their mind at least once with the average student changing their mind a minimum of three times! In the end, after paying for a degree which includes the cost of classes then end up not using, many will end up working in an area that isn’t even related to their majors.

Is Personal Stylist Training the Right Career Move for You

Becoming a personal stylist can provide you with the career change you have been yearning for no matter what your level of education is. It is the fastest way to prepare for a career in the fashion industry. Sterling Style Academy explains that “We offer a number of options in personal stylist training in the US and abroad to accommodate a number of people in all phases of their lives and careers.”

From College Graduate to Personal Stylist

The average high school graduate who decides to go the traditional route is looking at more than four years of college and thousands of dollars in tuition and living expenses. Considering the statistics listed above, there is always the potential to end up spending more time and money before they end up with a degree they won’t even use.

Personal stylist training is different. It focuses only on those topics related to the actual career. For the high school graduate who has no other commitments, it can mean studying for their new career in the middle of some of the world’s most influential fashion districts. Imagine getting the training you need in Paris, Milan, Dubai, or New York. Students get the fashion and business training they need in just three, five, or seven days.

Personal Stylist as a Career Change

Even if you have been in the same career for a long time, you may be ready to try something new. As a personal stylist, you will have the option to work for large stores or start your own business. If you get the best possible personal stylist training and apply yourself to develop your skills, you can create a reputation that will have you in high demand.

Becoming a personal stylist doesn’t have to interfere with your need to keep working right now. You can study online during your downtime and get the training you need. Work at building your new career without losing the income you need right now. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a career in the fashion industry without the need for a long, expensive college education.

The bottom line is that personal stylist training offers a wonderful opportunity to enter a career that is growing in demand. As more and more “everyday people” are turning to these professionals to help them re-design their wardrobes, new and exciting opportunities are popping up everywhere. Now is the perfect time to make the change to a career that you can really enjoy!

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