Latest Internet Trends and Technologies – Their Impact on Telecom Industry


Today, everyone is dependent on technology in most of the sections and the internet is one of them. It has become a convenient gift of technology to the world. From entertainment to home appliances to medicines to groceries everything is available on your mobile and on different websites with just one click and this is the reason the internet is growing in a very effective way.

Latest Internet Trends and Technologies – Their Impact on Telecom Industry

With the growing pace of the internet and technology trends, every business has a certain impact of it and telecom industry is one of the industries, which are affected by it. Information technology has brought comprehensive changes in the manner business functions. Almost every type of companies or corporate sectors whether small or large in size maintain databases and servers, IT solutions help to keep them updated and safe. There are various companies like Vector Dubai, who provide IT support if in case of any problem and manages all IT related tasks.

The adoption of technology has changed the way of planning and leadership, which has influenced the business in a better way. Internet applications are the current trend that helps in telecom transformation, let’s see some of them:

Social networking:

It is the most effective platform to connect with people irrespective of their location and time as per your own convenience. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter are one of the most famous social networking platforms and the growth rate of members added to these social media websites is exceptionally huge, which has fetched liberal advertisement profits to them. There are other applications also which belongs to platforms such as video calling, instant messaging, etc. this way they all provide a potential communication channel.

Search engine and mobile internet:

Search engines are one of the important factors that have contributed to the swift evolution of the internet. With the help of the internet, you can find anything on search engines. Google and Yahoo are the topmost engines where you get all answers for your queries easily with correct information. It is only the technology which has made possible to access all these things through mobile terminals. These days, people can easily operate internet on their mobile phones by activating internet through their telecom providers.

Impact of the above-mentioned points on the telecom industry –

  • Mobile internet has the major impact on the telecom industry as it is emerging in an advanced stage and not restricted to calls anymore. These days every telecom operator is focusing on proving them as the best internet providers among all with the launch of 4G (4th Generation).
  • 4G allows users to access the Internet quickly and offers high bandwidth internet access, which allows the capacity to access HD or high-definition video, high-data-rate and high-quality voice wireless channels via mobile devices.


The internet has changed every strategy in the telecom industry and forced them to re-think and create a powerful network to face the stiff competition. Both the telecom and internet network depend on each other and all their development direction should be network concurrence.

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