Prepare Yourself and Your Home from Burglars: Things to Do During and After


Burglars are becoming more aggressive these days. When you turn on your TV and watch daily news programs, chances are, you would see stories about breaking and entering. Unfortunately, this type of criminal activity is becoming more common throughout Australia, most especially in populated areas. Hence, if you want to protect your family, property, and valuables like diamond Sydney from burglars, you should know how to act properly in case your home gets attacked by one.

The common first reaction of any homeowner when he or she suspects that a burglar is in his or her property is to call the police. Although this step is correct, you would also want to learn more proactive steps in order to more effectively protect your family and home. The time between you called authorities and their time of arrival is crucial. It could take five to 15 minutes before authorities arrive at your property. Five minutes could be long enough for the burglars to hurt anyone in your home, which is why it is very important for you to know how to react to the situation properly.

Prepare Yourself and Your Home from Burglars: Things to Do During and After
Authorities suggest the following steps when you believe that your property is being attacked by burglars. Keep in mind that these tips could potentially save your life and your property if done correctly.

Assess the situation – Listen closely to unusual sounds you may hear. Pay extra attention to footsteps as this could help you learn how many people are possibly in your property. Also, listen to where the footsteps are heading so you will have a hint on where the burglars are heading.

Keep calm and stay where you are – Keeping calm could be difficult to do when you feel that burglars are in your home, but in order to keep yourself and family members safe, you should not let your emotions take the best of you. When you are calm, you are least likely to make drastic moves that could put you and your family members in danger. So, keeping your composure is important so as staying where you are. Don’t think about going to another room as burglars could know where you, which could result in a dangerous situation.

Keep quiet – You don’t want the burglars to know where you are. As much possible, give them a false pretense that people inside the house do not know that they are there. Most likely, burglars would not hurt the people in the home since all they want is to rob the property. However, if they realize that the residents are aware of their actions, they will act against them and may even end up hurting them.

Defend yourself only when needed – As much as possible, do not confront or attack the burglars because most likely they work as a group. If you attack a single burglar, chances are, his accomplices will attack as well. This goes the same even if you have a gun with you. Always keep in mind that you will only put yourself in harm’s way if you unintelligently act on the situation. Hence, it is better to wait for the authorities to arrive as they are experts in handling such a tense situation.

Detail everything to the police – In case the burglars escape before authorities arrive, make sure to report everything to the police. This will help them in documenting everything and in identifying the suspects. Ensure to inform the authorities about the items stolen from your house. Let them know if valuable possessions like cash, jewelry, diamond Sydney, electronic gadgets or the like were stolen.

You can never be too confident about your home’s safety and security. It is always better to be safe and prepared for burglary; this will keep you one step ahead from burglars.

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