Tracking Attendance and Time – A Guide


The correct time tracking software must be chosen based on the size of the organization. The kind of business i.e. if it’s in manufacturing industry or a service providing industry should also be taken into consideration along with the type of business, for e.g. if it’s an online service provider or offline run business. Learn More Here.

Tracking Attendance and Time – A Guide

The motive behind implementation should be served

The main purpose behind tracking the time is being served or not should be checked before selecting it, if the organization is going for it to calculate the number of hours so as to pay the employees on an hourly basis; then the type of software that is used should keep an account of number of hours accurately.

If the company is choosing the system to improve the efficiency then the system should be able to track the effective time that was consumed to complete a particular task.

If the company is choosing the system to measure accurately the expenses that are incurred by them then a system that can accurately track the quality of work, process it the data and present in a way that can be easily used for making a decision should be chosen.

Unprocessed raw data is of no use as it can’t be comprehended if the tracking system can process it and present it in a more meaningful way like charts or graphs it would be more time saving for the managers and other users.

Present alerts when necessary

Time tracking system should be able to give timely alerts to people working on those projects that are to be completed in a particular time. It should also be able to give deep understanding ultimately encouraging the employees and managers to perform to their best of abilities and optimize the utilization of resources to meet scheduled delivery time.

It should be aligned with the other software that is already in place in the organization. It should be able to support communication between various departments of the organization, for e.g. the sales department should align with the production department to promise accurate delivery schedules to the customers. If it is available companywide they can easily estimate the capacity of workforce and the customer orders that can be processed as per the capacity.

Finding out what is right

A company has to do a lot of research to find out what are the attributes it should look for in an employee time tracking software before it finally selects one as it’s a long-term investment with long-term benefits requiring huge cash outflows.

A company should be unclouded regarding what exactly it wants from a system to i.e. the main reason for implementing such a system and what does the company expect to derive from it; it makes the selection appropriate as the attributes to look for are clearly known. If possible, already tested systems should be chosen. A new system should be given a trial for a few days and the efficiency should be measured before going for the actual implementation.

The most important attribute is that it should be able to inculcate a sense of accountability and responsibility amongst employees.

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