Westside Family Church Lenexa KS- Experience The Joys Of Loving God


God is worshipped across the world and He is your Father who cares! He is there for you in good and bad. In happy times, you thank Him and in sad times, you call upon Him to give you courage and help you cross the difficult path that lies ahead. As human beings, it is important for you to connect with God every week. Going to Church keeps you away from sins and harm. You are able to listen to His sermons and knowledge that help you regain peace and happiness in your life.

Westside Family Church Lenexa KS- Experience The Joys Of Loving God

Westside Family Church Lenexa KS-Loving God 

The Westside Family Church is a religious institution that brings people together and shares with them the sermons and the love of God. The spiritual journey that you have is with others and loving yourself is very important if you wish to connect with God. God has created you with love however you have been conditioned to hate or harm others in some way or the other. Most of you have forgotten virtues and embraces vices as a way of life. The members are here with a mission to help you come back home as you are a child of God. God loves and cares for you. He is there to help you wash off your sins.

Service to others 

When you are connecting yourself with God, you will find that you will gain an indescribable inner peace and happiness. There are many people like you that face problems and challenges in life. They are alone and often have no one to turn to. It is here that you can step in and help them. God says that no one is alone and with the help of spirituality you effectively are able to learn the tenets of being human and helping others. Loving others helps them but it helps you more. It gives you an insatiable amount of happiness that you have never experienced or felt before. You unconditionally serve others out of love and they appreciate you for your efforts and time. Your self-worth increases and you develop a new meaning to life that no material pleasure or thing can give you.

Improve the quality of life with joy 

You can address your problems better and start living a life that is blissful and content. Material pleasures become secondary as you have found meaning in life that no amount of cash can give you today or in the long run!

The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS members are a happy community and they welcome everyone to their home of God. Just a weekly visit to Church is enough to find new life and meaning to your existence. You can listen to the sermons of God and improve the quality of your life. You will be connected to your basic nature and you will experience peace and joy. Loving God is loving yourself. Going to Church not only helps you but it also brings happiness to your loved ones as well.

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