Why Fostering Kittens Matters


Each year, many kittens are born in the United States, many of them unwanted. Overall, kittens who are turned into your local shelter may not do very well. Most shelters are overcrowded and have neither space, manpower nor the financial resources to care for them. This is why kitten fostering matters—it is really the only hope for these poor, unwanted kittens.

Why Fostering Kittens Matters

What Should You Consider Before Fostering Kittens?

Although you may love animals and cats, in particular, kitten fostering requires more than just love. There are several things you should take into consideration. Fostering kittens, while rewarding, is not something to be taken lightly.

First, you should consider whether your home is appropriate to kitten fostering. Do you have a space for kittens that is safe for them and easy to keep clean? Are you able to keep them away from other animals in the home? Basically, fostered kittens should be kept quarantined from other animals. Additionally, you should honestly consider whether or not all members of your household are amenable to fostering kittens. After all, this decision affects everyone in the home.

Second, you should consider whether your schedule realistically allows you to safely and effectively care for fostered kittens. Depending on the condition and age of the kittens, they may require attention as often as every two to three hours. This is a significant commitment. This means that you may need to either be in a position where you are home most of the day or be able to bring your kittens to work with you.

Finally, you should consider whether you have the other resources available to support your kitten fostering. This means that if this is your first time fostering, you should likely have a mentor who can advise and support you. You should have a veterinarian available. You should work with a local shelter who has some sort of rescue coordinator who can assist you and ultimately help in the placing of the kittens in permanent homes.

Where Can You Find Foster Kittens?

Once you’ve decided that fostering kittens is for you, there are several ways to find kittens to take into your home. You can start by contacting your local shelter and inquiring about the process for becoming a kitten foster home. Many shelters have foster programs and will be happy to give you information and support. Another option is to contact any local rescue organizations to offer your home for kitten fostering.

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