Why Your Tech Business Still Needs a Phone System


Running a tech business is hard work. There are always improvements to be made and it depends on the line of work you’re in. If you’re in IT, you need to be helping clients troubleshoot issues constantly. If you’re in software or even hardware development, you’re going to need to be working as a team for a really long time each week.

Why Your Tech Business Still Needs a Phone System

When it comes to working in tech, people need to be able to communicate with each other. So how does your business go about doing this? Do you rely heavily on emails? If so, that’s a common thing to do when handling communication. But there are actually some problems with relying only on emails and you should know that, in a lot of cases, there are simply better ways to communicate with your team members, clients, and customers.

Why Emails Aren’t Perfect

Now, as someone who is running a tech business, you might love emails. And a lot of people do, but there are a couple of problems with them. In reality, people can’t always articulate ideas as well overwritten text. So, if you’re making suggestions through an email, there’s a high risk that the person on the other end of the email will not understand what you’re saying.

While emails might be a quick way to get your message out there, getting a reply might not always be so quick. The urgency of an email is not as high as that of a phone call. For instance, if you message someone with an urgent question, he or she might be busy working on something else and might not be able to get back to you right away whereas, with a phone call, the response is not only immediate but also accurate.

Get a Phone System

You might feel that getting a phone system might not make sense but it’s more useful than you think. When customers send you questions about your tech product and how it works, they’re going to need clear answers. Sometimes reply emails simply don’t make as much sense. The urgency that can be lacking in emails can be made up for in phone calls as the person you’re calling will not only pick up the phone but address the issue immediately before returning to what he or she was doing before.

Getting a company such as Commander Melbourne to outfit your tech office is not very difficult nor is it expensive. These companies work with voice-over-IP tech that is clearer than a landline and much cheaper to operate.

Because phone lines are arguably faster and allow for clearer communication, you could see a return on investment through an increase in efficiency. When everyone is working faster together, the projects are getting done on time and it can be a lot easier to turn in work for clients in order to get more work. The benefits of having a phone system for when you need it are much more than the benefits of just using email and, in an industry as fast as a tech, this can really help your business.

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